Indie Adda

Do you want to see your work in someone else’s blog? Think that it may help you in your venture? Join Indie Adda, share your works here as a guest author:

Do remember one thing right now I can’t pay you anything monetarily but will love to share your works with my readers and hope that they will spread!

before you send them to me copyright them!

You can share anything, as long as it is not objectionable. Poem, story, photograph, artwork, article… unleash your muse!

If you have something to say about Indie publishing or Writers we will love to hear that!

* Anything that will help an Indie author.
* That will stimulate the muse.
* That will entertain the author or the muse.
* That will benefit the author or the muse.
* You have some service, product that will benefit Indie Writers- I am not against advertising your products, services, I know how tough it is to reach out to readers, so if you are an editor, an agent, a publicist, a website owner, a blogger you can introduce yourself, your services in the form of a blog post and place your request, I will gladly publish it for free.

and last but not the least

* Anything you have to say to other writers/ Indie publishers.

The site:

Join its Group in Goodreads that is eagerly waiting for you-

If you allow me, it can be added into the Agnishatdal Ezine’s site too:

or you further allow me I can publish them in Agnishatdal and/or Agnijaat but there won’t be any financial payments in return of your works, if you send me one work you will get a free issue of Agnijaat and Agnishatdal for the month in which your work will get published. If you want to join permanently or long term send me 12 works at a time and you will be sent issues of the Ezines for full year, along-with their quarterlies and annual issues for free.

Write to me- and send a copy to (MUST). I always acknowledge mails, if I don’t like them I will tell you.

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