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This is my blog’s homepage. It is used to showcase my works and plans to visitors in a capsule. You will have to follow the blog to read the blogs I post regularly. This page stays static, sometimes for years.

Well, just like any artist/writer I too humbly try to turn my creativity into the means of my self-dependence, so through the years after exhausting much-hyped venues that did not clicked for me I have picked up few of my own hoping for a miracle! That is quite impossible these days because there are more authors + artists than readers, connoisseurs! Still, hoping against hope I have created my own bookstores, have published quite a few books in Kindle, have published two of my titles and I have created a profile in Patreon too, in case a miracle happens and all of a sudden my world is over-flown by admirers of my writing and works! I will be so happy!

Here are the five books that my patrons will get each month for five dollars [January 2021 issues are shared here as gift]:

Click to access agnilipi-january-2021.pdf

Click to access agnimalya-january-2021.pdf

Click to access agnipat-january-2021.pdf

Click to access coming-kingdom-january-2021.pdf

Click to access sbpnb-january-2021.pdf

These are the Ezines that I have been publishing since 2016, they can be bought from shoptly and gumroad or directly from me via paypal [January 2021 issues are shared as gift].


Click to access agnijaat-magh-1427-january-2021.pdf

Click to access agnishatdal-magh-1427-january-2021.pdf

Wish me luck and pray for me that a miracle happens and I am showered with patrons!

Have a great day full of joy and laughter!
Lots of Love.

Sharmishtha Basu

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