“my digital works in payhip.com”

You will be able to buy my digital works from Payhip.com hopefully, apart from the usual sites- Amazon, Patreon or via paypal.

The tempting thing about payhip is it will offer me absolute freedom when it comes to selling price or style/template of my books, that is a huge thing for me because I love to illustrate!

I will add the books I am selling via payhip here, as for patreon you know you will have to become my patron there to indirectly buy my works.


Now Payhip.com books at your table:

Agnimalya is a Series of Books containing stories of versatile genres. It will be the author’s sincere attempt to keep the stories as versatile as possible.

There will be funny, mysterious, dark and sweet stories inside these covers. The stories will mostly be short fiction, flash fiction, but once in a while a longer story will join in but at a little higher price.

book 1

book 2

book 3

book 4

book 5



Sharmishtha Basu’s pen and Brush is colours and words, lavishly illustrated books of poem, quote and short/micro fictions. The books in payhip will be different from the ones in patreon, completely different content-wise, I have a truckload of mini/short stories I want to convert into mini-books so….

SbPnB Book 1

SBPnB Book 2

SBPnB Book 3

SBPnB Book 4

You already know about my Ezines, you betcha I mean! They are published every month on Bengali month’s first day, that is in middle of English months mostly. Then quarterlies and annual issues are published too. Quarterlies and Annual issues of past have been published in Amazon but I am trying payhip now, since this quarterly, so from January 2018 you will be able to buy the quarterlies and monthly issues of the ezines from payhip!

If you want older issues you will have send me an email, pay via paypal and I will send you the pdf issues.

The Magh, January Issues of the Ezines:

agnijaat magh

agnishatdal magh

The 5th Quarterlies:

Agnijaat Book 5


Agnishatdal Book 5