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Thursday Introspections 28.12.17

27 Thursday stories 18.7.13

All the ghouls clapped their hands gleefully as the most popular of them got crowned. No one could beat him in his lowliness.

“Here is your ticket for trip to hell’s third level Girish!” their leader handed him his award. A three days stay in hell’s most gala level, free of cost.

“He is so shameless!” a ghoul crooned.

“I wish I could fool human beings like he does, talking about divine things and arranging hell for them!” the second one swooned.

“If he calls you friend or brother you should better start watching your back.” The third one giggled. “You won’t even know when and how he will rob the ground from under your feet!”

“I wonder what will he do to someone he calls his lover!” chortled another one.

“I will sell her to devil!” Girish answered and started to roll with laughter.

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