Suprabhat with Agnishatdal 5.2.18

My sweet Lord Devil,

This is your favorite witch from earth, living quite well enough if you compare me with servants of God with my looks and skills.

It’s been a while I have been thinking about writing some letters to you to thank you for being so generous to me. When I look around and observe the condition of those so called “virtuous” women working day and night either for family or bread I thank you again and again. The worst part is it’s for nothing!

In one snap of our fingers and with the help of your other followers we can take away everything they have, their well earned reputation, their husbands, lovers, money… we can drive them against wall, and I will admit Lord that I am an expert in this field.

I just hate virtuous women because I can’t be one. Not because I don’t have the power but because I don’t want to be one, I love the luxurious life that you offer me over the penury that God offers them, that is why every time I come across one I set out my pets after her to rob everything from her, especially the reputation she so deserves!

Your beloved pet,
Purple Witch

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