Thursday Introspections 18.1.18

Fall of an old ghoul

He was an old ghoul, no not the mythological ones, the ones that dwell in our very world disguised under human torso.

He was addicted to two things women and money.

He made a harem for himself by robbing people off their hard earned money, harem and a bunch of depraved slave who served him well.

Then one day, he had his eyes on a girl, a girl who just won’t give in to a vulture, nothing worked. Finally he got furious and created a prison for her, lured her into the prison through a slave of his, a dandy who was too greedy for money.

She walked into the prison and he gloated with joy.

Then his palace of cards crumbled to dust and the people he has wronged reached out to grab his collar.

Words 136

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