Thursday Introspections 4.1.18

28 Thursday stories 25.7.13

She lifted her feet and placed them on the table. The TV was blaring almost at full volume; she liked a little noise after entire day in the morgue like silent office. A bowl of popcorn and a bottle of sprite were placed on the table.

Her cellphone sang out, she fumbled for it, without looking and picked it up. A handsome face looked back at her… a smile broke on her soft lips.

“Hi ya!” she responded in a husky tone.

“Hi babes!” Ravi’s deep voice trickled down her ears like honey.

“How was the day?” she smiled.

“Busy and boring!” was the answer, “Staying away from you is so…..”

All of a sudden she heard her name on the lips of the TV announcer and lifted her gaze.

Was it an advertisement…. She knew the newsreaders of this channel by face of course… this one is not one of them and her hairstyle was weird! Anyone will think that she has painted a portion of her bald scalp with deep purple…. That’s it!

“Mrs. Anuradha Kashyap, the CEO of Fragrance has been found brutally murdered in her Mumbai flat this morning…. Her husband Ravi Kashyap is the prime suspect….”

She stared at the photo of the slain woman… she looked just like her, not only that she was wearing a dress similar to her dresses, jewelry was same too…

The announcer continued… “Police has picked up Mr. Kashyap and his girl friend Ragini Singh for further questioning.

Ragini Singh was the name of one of Ravi’s old flames. She has met her once or twice a real hottie…

“…knock knock…Anybody home?” it was Ravi, she snapped out of the trance and in the same second the television lost the signal so she could not confirm whether it was an advertisement or news of some other Anuradha Kashyap with striking similarity with her life or she has dozed off for a few minutes…

“…is my pretty wife still there?” he chuckled.

“Yes …I think… forget it!” she said, “Will see you in the morning!”

She went to bed but before going to bed thoroughly checked all the doors and windows of their flat and locked the door of her bedroom from inside, checked the closets before hitting the bed. She woke up in the middle of night. She felt like being nudged by someone. She opened her eyes and looked all around her, the bedroom was empty.

In the light of the passage outside her bedroom door she saw a shadow under the door, as if someone was standing outside. Then she saw the door knob moving… someone was trying the door. It was one in the night so it could not have been Ravi, it was an intruder.

She pressed the emergency button beside her bed, an alarm sounded in the office of their apartment’s security office. In five minutes half a dozen security personnel were in her flat and the intruders, two of them were overpowered and caught.

They started to sing like canary after half an hour in police station, next police picked up Ravi and the Ragini.

Ravi never loved Anuradha, he married her to own Fragrance, he decided he will play the role of perfect husband for five years, by that time Ragini will be able to return India from USA, once she was back they will hire contract killers to do away with Anuradha. He will of-course be out of town with at-least a dozen witnesses…

As for Anuradha she still wonders what warned her that night…

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