Suprabhat with Agnishatdal 2.1.18

24 Thursday stories 27.6.13

“Asit” she hollered at the top of her lungs, standing outside the pig farm.

“Who is he? the keeper?” Mrina asked.

“You will see!”

soon Asit appeared a skinny pig, running at its full speed towards the fencing. Milap gently swung the cane holding in her hand and before Mrina could stop her spanked it.

“That was wicked!” she said.

“I know!”

“Why did you do that?” Mrina asked.

“That pig caused me lot of embarrassment like a man with that name, I really don’t like pigs and I despised that man, he knew that very well, even then he used deliberately flitter around every place I normally went, utilizing the luxury that he could spy on my movements.”

“This pig, just like him used to come grunting to the fence every damn time I passed by… but this one is more dignified than its human namesake. it stopped after I started spanking it, but that human… oh boy! the only thing I did not or could not do was to open my sandals and give him a black and blue because he was old enough to be my father… after hearing all those curses and expletives he kept doing his monkey business day after day. I was just testing that whether a pig is better than him or worse- it seems its better!”

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