Suprabhat with Agnishatdal 26.12.17

23 Thursday stories 20.6.13

“Please let me go!” the girl requested the pack of ghouls surrounding her on the desolate street, reeking of cheap liquor.

“Why darling?” one sneered.

“Give us a hug…” the next one stepped forward.

“Please! Think of your own daughters and sisters… your mother…” she said, pleading with her hands folded.

“We want a lover…” the man who has stepped forth laughed rudely.

She looked for a way out of that cluster around her, or someone to help… there was none on that desolate village road in scorching summer noon.

“Come give us a hug…” the man stumbled close.

“So be it!” she hissed and hugged him.

His comrades peered through booze hazy eyes the struggles of their friend, to free himself from the tight death hug of the young girl who was now looking like a porcupine with two feet long razor sharp quills!

She pushed him away and hissed in a metallic voice, “Next one…”

The whole place was empty barring the corpse at her feet in half a minute. It was hard to believe that those inebriated ghouls could run that fast!

She picked up her bag and started to walk forth, after walking for a while she entered a thick grove of trees and pressed some buttons in her wrist watch. A small opening showed up in ground below and she entered it. Everything returned to its normal state.

In a small underground town she reported to her superiors- “Another ghoul terminated! Boy! These human beings really need some lessons when it comes to treating their own females!”

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