Thursday Introspections 21.12.17

26 Thursday stories 11.7.13

“I am leaving!” he heard her shouting from the main entrance, to her mother who must be in kitchen. She was the girl women frowned upon and men coveted but did not dared to approach. They were quite sure that she will either laugh and pat their shoulder or give them a really painful kick from those shapely legs- well shaped after years of kick boxing practice.

She dressed in salwar suit but that was the only touch of feminine in her entire appearance. No make-up, no jewelry, short cropped hair, straight forward approach and way of talking. He has often seen her playing cricket with the teenagers of the society.

As if she wanted to prove her name wrong- Komal that meant soft!

He was the stunner of the housing, a millionaire by his own talent, hard work at the age of thirty one. A man beyond average handsome, polished and well mannered!

He left the restaurant after a few pegs, feeling a bit drowsy. He was not a good drinker, his friends somehow managed to overload him and then deserted him, went away with their girlfriends.

At first he thought that he will get a taxi then changed his mind, “I will drive real slow…”

He did not even know when he missed the road and entered the small cluster of trees. His eyes snapped open to reality when the tree popped out of nowhere in front of his windscreen. Things went black!

“Are you okay?” someone asked him in a sweet voice.

He was lying straight on the grass, his head was hurting like hell, his face was wet, and someone… no she was sitting beside him, with a worried expression on her face.

“I guess so…” he tried to sit but she held him back with a firm hold.

“Don’t your head is hurt…I have called the ambulance.” She said.

The medics showed up and carried him off in the ambulance. “I will take your car and park it in the garage; do you want me to call someone?”

“Thanks and no! I don’t have anyone… “

The doctors kept him back for thorough scans next morning.

He woke up in the morning; she was standing beside his bed with a bunch of roses. “How are you feeling now?” she smiled gently. “The doctors said you can go home in the evening!”

“You are really lucky you know that?” she asked in a grave tone.

He nodded meekly. “I will remember this incident next time I go to a bar…”

She smiled broadly, “That should be the spirit!”

They became intimate friends after that. Days flew by with wings, months and years followed. He changed his residence, bought a new house in a posh area but their friendship stayed intact.

Late at night he called her, “I want to tell you something Komal… can you come tomorrow evening?”

She showed up punctually, at the given time. He noticed how beautiful she looked; her face glowed without make-up like a beautiful flower.

She saw he had company, a fabulous looking girl, blushing and smiling at the same time.

“This is Renuka… the love of my life!” he introduced them, “This is Komal the best friend anyone can ever have!”

“I wanted you two to be friends… like we are Komal… so we can have all the fun together!”

She left after spending the evening with them- laughing, joking…

His phone rang late at night, it was Komal’s mother. “Is Komal with you?”

Police discovered her body in a badly mangled shape, in a ditch; her scooter was mangled in a ball of metal…

“Some truck driver must have been real drunk!” the inspector shrugged sadly.

He remembered how cautious she was when she drove, so many times he has seen her smoothly tackling the toughest traffic situations without a single scratch on her scooter, forget about her body. Day or night! Dry roads or flooding ones…

The driver was drunk but she could not see him because she was crying… a fact he will never know… may be for better!

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