Suprabhat with Agnishatdal 19.12.17

22 Thursday stories 13.6.13

“You are marrying …” Sutapa stared at the wedding invitation card.

“My parents chose him for me.” Mitali laughed. “I think it’s time to get settled!”

“What happened to Devdas?” Sutapa asked.

“Oh! I think he will be happier with memories of Parvati and a bottle of booze than a living woman. So I finally bade him goodbye.” Mitali laughed easily. The twinkle reaching her eyes!

They both knew how hard it has been for her to finally say goodbye to Supratim, a man who loved, lost his lover because of his own arrogance and coldness and became drunkard.

They became friends because his sister was Mitali’s friend. Mitali was infamous for her kind heart and that heart bled when she saw him stumbling in dark alleys without any reason at all.

Her philosophy was clear- love, no matter how deep does not always works! So if you have been hurt, hurt real bad take your time, recuperate and love again! Who can say, this time love will be a greater blessing!

Seemed Supratim rather preferred being pitied than loved. She tried to make him change his ways for years, and then finally had enough of him and decided to move on, live her own life.

After all, if he wanted to brood, she will always be there for him as a friend.

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