Thursday Introspections 23.11.17

The oyster

He could see the schools of fishes, swimming by, their colours sparkled even in the depth of the ocean. His eyes fell upon the oyster because it was impossible to miss it.

It was huge and perfect in shape.

he picked it up and came up to check it out.

it was a piece of beauty, in all his years of diving he has not seen another like this, he collected aquarium materials and sold them at a cool price to interested people. A lovely business.

This one may fetch real good after cleaning it up.

he tried to open it in vain, finally just cleaned it up and went to bed. his steamer slowly rocking on the calm waves.

Late at night a thump woke him up, it was loud enough to rise above the sound of ocean’s waves.

he went back to sleep again.

In the morning he discovered the oyster at his cabin’s door, and there were marks of scratches as if the oyster has been brushing against it roughly all night.

he inspected it closely and noticed that it has opened up a little bit, that meant he will be able to pry it open.

he picked up the instrument to pry it open and inserted it in the gap.

something shoved it back.

then it opened wide.

a miniature girl was sitting inside it, the prettiest one in inches he could say- barely four or five inch tall but every thing was in place.

“Please drop the oyster back in ocean!” she requested in a sweet voice. “I wont survive in your world!”

he picked up the oyster and threw it back in the ocean. He knew it would be wicked to take her to world outside ocean.

he returned home next day with his collection.

a new neighbor has moved in, he noticed.

someone knocked his door, he opened it and gaped.

the same girl was standing in front of her, in human size.

“Hi!” she smiled, “I am your new neighbor!”

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