A very serious note for my serious readers!

I really did not liked what happened today (30.10.17) morning, I am not a seer or prophet, so I wont be telling you that I see … I see grave danger…. but in case it happens and my blog(s) gets stolen I hope you will feel the impostor and contact me!

You know where to find me! At present I am trying to stick with Patreon with my fresh bunch of creativity

then you know my emails and the facebook pages. There is no reason that they all will be compromised together. Honestly speaking after wasting ONE FULL HOUR TRYING TO RECOVER MY OWN BLOG’S PASSWORD I am gnashing my teeth, my blood pressure is rocketing upwards and I am not at all feeling relieved!

So, if you ever feel that my blog(s) have been compromised check me out in Facebook or patreon to confirm.


What happened today (30.10.17) morning is here:


Please leave your blog URL/links with your comments if they are not included in your gravatar. If you don’t you will deprive me from one of my favourite things-returning your sweet gesture.

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