I write like Mario Puzo

J still remembered the glow on his face when he torched his family, he fell down on his knees before this monster, begging him to spare his five year old daughter, no they have done him no harm, they did not even knew who he was!

Someone told K to kill his neighbors, just because they were “different” and he blindly obeyed them, now he is seeking his forgiveness, because things have changed and J now holds the dagger to his family’s throat.

“Go home!” J patted his shoulder, “I have forgiven you, I know you were misguided.”

K profusely thanked him and walked away. When he returned home a pile of smoldering ash greeted him, there was no sign of his family.

His legs gave in under him. He now thought he noticed an evil gleam in J’s eyes while he was waiting for him to be called by the announcer on the dais, to apologize to his victims in presence of media.

He wondered if he was responsible…

The author blushingly says:

I stumbled upon this site, through a post of someone else, I have forgotten whose I am sorry! But I had some really cool critiques for my writing style there check them out:

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