I write like Margaret Mitchell

“If my love can’t accept your religious belief, the things that you grew up believing in, I truly doubt my love for you!” he said, holding her hand softly, “That can only mean that I don’t love you, I love my own imagination, figment of imagination!”

“Our religion, culture is a part of our personality, I wonder if we can remove it without causing serious damage to the entire package!” he continued. “So under no circumstances will I hope or think that you should sacrifice your belief for mine!”

“But your family?” she asked.

“They are not marrying you, I am marrying you!” he shrugged.

“What if they don’t accept our union?” her lips were trembling softly. She knew his family members were quite powerful. Hers were just ordinary middle class folks.

“Even if they don’t accept our marriage they won’t do anything mean! I can guarantee you that! They will just walk away from me, and taunt me if our love goes awry!” he laughed a little, “So… smile!”

The author blushingly says:

I stumbled upon this site, through a post of someone else, I have forgotten whose I am sorry! But I had some really cool critiques for my writing style there check them out:

THE OPINION OF “I WRITE LIKE” : Margaret Mitchell!
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Here is the whole packet from I write like if you are curious:

http://iwl.me/s/b3a26720 4xstephen king 12, 10, 6, 1
http://iwl.me/b/698342ba 3xtolstoy 13, 3, 2
http://iwl.me/b/ce65a7ad 3xmargaret mitchell- 14, 11, 4
5 http://iwl.me/b/8724194c 1xoscar wilde
7 http://iwl.me/b/d760c1b4 1xjames joyce
8 http://iwl.me/b/df5a2d46 1xbram stoker
9 http://iwl.me/b/faf229ca 1xRay Bradbury
15 http://iwl.me/b/cfe99843 1xDan Brown
16 http://iwl.me/b/69fb153c 1xGeorge Orwell
17 http://iwl.me/b/9a04347d 1xmariopuzo


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