WordPress woes 26.2.17

I gotta talk about it. These petty problems and their grandmamas too. So let’s heckle wordpress on weekly basis so that they start noticing em.

Problem to the extreme number one. Ok I get it that wordpress may require high end phone, fast internet speed to sign in and blog or do other things from in there.

But why won’t wordpress blogs open in a phone that opens Facebook or YouTube?

Every time I try… yes every single time I get one of these two messages

Can’t find a secured connection
Can’t load the webpage, check the address.

If it continues for three years… then its a massive bug right? Especially now when everyone is using phones to surf. Now in 2015 February I used a low end phone and snail speed internet but now I use fantastic phone and good enough internet. So wordpress please please please fix this problem. We want readers and want to read too.


Please leave your blog URL/links with your comments if they are not included in your gravatar. If you don’t you will deprive me from one of my favourite things-returning your sweet gesture.

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