As I fumble…

Gash! Why is wordpress and phone manufacturers doing it to us in cahoots? You .. my friends must have guessed that I am using phone to do a lot of surfing these days as my computer most probably is dying.

Now I have a naughty suspicion they are doing it to everyone because I am reading too many wrong, misfit words 😎

Now it of course autocorrects but there should be a limit. When I have overwritten a word twice after you changed task to tsk why are you doing it again? We all know that to keep the navigation smooth we have to keep the font size minuscule. So autocorrect is a boon but don’t overdo it. Please. Especially in stealth.

I just wrote a post in agnijaat and used the word sage in it, good that I checked, it corrected it to save before publishing. Really?


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