Agnishadal and Agnijaat has been published on 18th August…

bhadra writers

The ezines have been published on 18.8.16, if you want to buy a copy write to me or wait till October, from October Agnishatdal and Agnijaat will be in Amazon, three months compiled as one ezine, the price will be $3.5, if you get the pdf files, the price will be a little less 🙂

Join us in Ashwin Issue, 18.9.16 🙂

Please leave a message in the comment/reader’s page after reading the ezines

The pages of authors of Shravan (17.7.16) and Bhadra (18.8.16) Issues:

… Have a great time!


4 thoughts on “Agnishadal and Agnijaat has been published on 18th August…

  1. Have to figure out how to receive notifications in the inbox rather than go to Reader. A monumental effort it appears to be, that too to be undertaken single-handed!! Going thru it.

    • do what I do, go to the reader (assuming you use a computer to surf)- on the left sidebar you will see an option list, there is a button add with it, click that button, it will take you to a new window, there you can add those blogs you must check every time (I have my close friends in that list) because I follow 3000 or so blogs methinks, and I don’t want to miss my friends posts so I keep it that way. I will suggest you to create a separate list for me because I post too much, and you follow more than one of my blogs, so….

      You got your copy? What happened to my critics of last month? 😦

      • Thanks v much. Will try it out. Amazing that u read so many posts and commented on a few amidst ur hectic activities! Thanks again. I still have to catch up on the copy I recvd.

      • Thanks Raghu, actually I have distributed my days in slots 🙂 I have to read more to get more visitors- so I have stopped watching movies 😉 used to have a daily quota of watching movies/serials for three to four hours every day, now I surf and read. That is why I tell you guys that I am “crazy” busy these days!


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