Thursday Introspections 17.12.15

Why honesty is the best policy? Because dishonest people no matter how much treasure they gather are never at peace, they always despise honest people and try to harm, tarnish them, they are like raving dogs, ignore them or not they will destroy anything/everything they can. The darkness of their own soul engulfs them and those around them. They may party in five star hotels but will never know the taste of bliss.

Honest people on the other hand know that in this wicked time they will most probably never get their worth but still they are happy because they did not joined devil’s brigade and caused further harm to human civilization. No wonder those who know this stay honest.


28 thoughts on “Thursday Introspections 17.12.15

  1. Yes, a honest person has to face difficulties in the beginning but ultimately he got whatever he wants. on the other hand a dishonest person looses all which he gets through shrewd ways.

    • even though these days dishonesty rules and thrives but their greed and corrupt nature deprives them from being happy, content I think, at-least the ones I encounter don’t seem happy with the wealth they acquire, had I been that rich by honest means and my own toil/talent I would have been soaring in seventh sky!

  2. I held the truth just to not harm 2 people that LIE and make FALSE ACCUSATIONS. Please step forward…we’ve been waiting since 2013

    • That is the question! I think the answer differs from person to person, we all have to decide how much we will allow life to corrupt us. But, we can all do one thing for sake of humanity- not corrupt others, exploit others and despise/harm honest people, which so often happens when people become too corrupted.

      • I still don’t get you! sorry. But it seems you are trying to say something to me, as a person, if you cant speak clearly then DONT because people who DONT SAY ANYTHING MOSTLY DONT HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY. SO IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY TO ME SAY IT, I IMPLORE YOU! COME SAY IT AND YES, BEFORE YOU SAY DO SHARE THE FIRST THING- WHO ARE YOU? BRILLIANT WAY OF COMMUNICATION FOR SURE! TRULY BRILLIANT!


      • True that. Sometime people say that honesty may not be not the best alternative if it harms/ demoralizes someone (for example a sick patient may lose the will to survive if he/ she comes of the severity of a disease) but that again is a subjective thing.

      • very true, I think when honest people become bullies they too are quite bad. Maybe not as bad as the crooks but not very good either, have you seen the movie “mist”? In that the woman who thought she was very pious was quite equivalent to devil methinks, deciding who will live and who will die! boy!

  3. Honesty seems like the simplest thing… Tell the truth right? Additionally there are those “white lies.” That seem harmless and sometimes they are but in the long run you never know if it meant a lot to somebody else. Contest shouldn’t determine honesty but there are times when people lie and they honestly feel it was the better thing to do. Can’t even list the infinite situations in which this happens.

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