170×170 day 159 6.10.15 a few of my favorite things

Chocolates- I had the ill reputation of munching them like rice, in Bengali I heard the taunt “muri murkir moto chocolate chiboy” a lot. Quite a hefty amount of my pocket money went to Cadbury, I like the taste of Cadbury chocolates more than Amul, my favorite was once dairy milk but its taste has changed completely, it no longer tastes that good, so my present favorites are ones with nuts, raisin, fruits in them, there are quite a few varieties- fruit and nut, rum raisin I think.

My vengeful teeth have taught me to not eat too many at a time these days but I still love them and savour them slowly. One to four bars each day whenever I buy one or brother gives me one, honestly their price is so high that I rather prefer it when he gifts them, which he does quite often, it burns to buy them! Apart from chocolate bars I love their flavor/layer on other things too- sweets, cakes, pastries… not drinks.



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