Sunday Secrets 4.10.15

When I was in my teens, late teens, early thirties I simply loved greenery, especially wilder ones, I remember throwing a tantrum (silent one) when my poor uncles quite sanely chopped off a branch of a Jasmine tree, that tree was huge, we call this specific one Kamini, will have to google its English name, this tree used to fill up with flowers and invite every bee and butterfly, and the ground below it was covered with white petals, it was a heavenly vision, but it was huge… because we never touched it, barring snipping the branches that hung too low, now my uncles thought that chopping off a branch will be a better day and they did I got so furious that they had to console me.

I still love when nature is allowed to have its own way, the more green it is the more I love it! That is what I loved most about Golconda fort, it is surrounded by greenery!

There is something very soothing about greenery, is not there?

I hate it in dresses though, excluding very few shades.


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