170×170 day 156 3.10.15 a few of my favorite things

Twinkle twinkle little stars… yes they are one of my favorite things, stars, planets, meteors whatever they are they always fill up my heart with their beauty.

This love has been from childhood, courtesy goes to my elder siblings, they used to identify the stars, my eldest brother could recognize quite a few, actually he used to try to identify them methodically, so from childhood we too got hooked into watching the sky, unfortunately not with telescopes bare eyes. My younger brother was most attracted to them scientifically I think, he dreamt of studying astronomy and buying a telescope.

Mine was just the admiration of an admirer, I could recognize barely two or three constellations properly, I know their names in Bengali, saptarshi, kalpurush and another one that is shaped like W, I have forgotten its name.

I rather like the tranquility and peace they give to heart when we look at them, I really missed them in Kolkata, here a few at least are visible beating the neon glare!



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