Sunday secrets 27.9.15

Most of the movies that have moved me really deeply are the movies I have not seen for the second/third time, because that one time impact was enough!

1. Schindler’s list – I watched this movie twice, first time in English, then to understand it properly I watched the hindi dubbing, very rare movies have shaken my soul like this one, I remember walking around like a zombie a full day, too numb! No one can make me watch this movie third time, I usually skip every thing related to holocaust, this movie is also one of those things.

2. Shawshank redemption – I have seen it only once and wont watch it second time.

3. The green mile – One time was enough.

4. Bury my heart at wounded knee – One time is enough.

Then there are movies that I wont watch- one of them is 911 and the other one is a movie by Madhur Bhandarkar Chandni bar, I remember hearing its dialogue (before closing the window and turning up the volume of my media player) – they were enough hair raising!


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