170×170 day 149 26.9.15 dark stories

“All you will have to do is convince everyone that she is your wife, and this child is your child with her.” Mr. Das said, “If you don’t, just brace yourself for passing the rest of your life behind bars, I will take care that you spend that in the company of the worst criminals, with history of grisliest abuses.”

He knew he did not have much choice, he could commit suicide but it is not that easy, is it? Das was promising him a way out after he did his part, out of the country with a new identity. That will mean he will be able to start fresh. Maybe he can select the country, some country where people are nonchalant to people like him!

So he started living in a single room attached to her room, she never saw him, but he did, quite minutely so he could tell everyone that they were married.

After a while when she left the house she told everyone she has eloped!


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