170×170 day 148 25.9.15 dark stories

Evil puppeteer laughed from background, that was the fun of being puppeteer, he controlled everything yet the blame went on the puppets.

Those puppets could feel his tug yet they refused to acknowledge that the same might be happening with others too!

He picked up a puppet from a loving, caring family and replaced it with one that looks just like it but a wicked to the core one.

The fun begins! The whole family dotes after the puppet that has been removed but its lookalike is nothing like it, and how it baffles and torments them, they just can’t understand what went wrong!

They try to ask, convince, make him act like before, well how could he? He had no idea about how the original puppet was, so he acts the way his own nature is and the puppeteer laughs.

He rubs his hands and giggles like child but his eyes only show his darkness, alas the puppets can’t see him, so they just fumble around making more mistakes.


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