170×170 day 146 23.9.15 dark stories

Different people think different ways when they stumble upon miracles of nature, some gush, some praise God and some find out ways to exploit them.

When Monster Kumar stumbled upon one his deranged mind devised a bizarre plan, long running but useful one.

He already was a hardcore criminal and this key seemed quite good for him to keep, it was a village where twins were the regular way of having kids, sometimes more than two and often identical.

He collected the identical ones, every possible pair he could, sometimes by hook, sometimes by crook. Then he tried to corrupt both, if not possible at least one, that done, one became the alibi and the other perpetrator.

One lived a neat and clean life, no one could raise a finger at him, the other one cashed his image and did nefarious things using his identity, if someone saw him, well, the other one was at home, doing something in presence of at least five people to witness for his innocence.


2 thoughts on “170×170 day 146 23.9.15 dark stories

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