170×170 day 145 22.9.15 dark stories

They had a sick game! They loved to play it, like some predators they hunted in packs. When someone earned their ire they got after that person together.

No, they did not ripped him to pieces or cornered him in the alley, if he had a girl friend they all hunted her, that is flirted with her, woo her, till either she broke off the relationship or he out of jealousy or suspicion.

Then just like they attacked they backed off too, leaving the couple absolutely confused.

If that person was a woman then she became the target of course. They even picked up the slogan of a famous television series, “One for all and all for one.” Never even feeling the underlying nobility of that slogan and how unworthy their lips were for those words.

Sometimes monkeys mimic human beings with utmost perfection, we don’t know, they may think that they perform better than human beings, who can say what goes on inside the mind of a performing monkey.


12 thoughts on “170×170 day 145 22.9.15 dark stories

  1. Nice! Didn’t see the end coming. Hw have you been my friend with 3 H’s? My apologies for a somewhat long absence. A bit of travel and boring administrative chores have taken me away form blogging for a while. 😦
    But hopefully I will now be more “present”. How’s your book sales doing? Is Hayderabad of the Hind treating you well? You happy there? (That is the most important matter) Take care
    (And congrats on the story. Bloody monkeys! 🙂

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