Sunday Secrets 20.9.15

You will rarely catch me listening to my favorite songs, watching them or wearing my favorite colour- blue, even though I almost always wear my first favorite colour (these days) white, but because I am quite allergic to most dyes used by Indian textile makers, so, to play safe I try to buy prints on white, very rarely I wear dresses (at home) that don’t have the base colour white, you will see all types of prints on white but mostly white ;p

Even though white has almost always been my hot favorite colour in dresses specially I could not wear them as much as I wanted to because they get dirty real quick and if one stain happens… I used to borrow my mother’s saris, she used to wear saris with borders in other colours and boy I used to wear them to my heart’s content, because mom used to get dozens of them and she did not bothered if I ruined a few of them 🙂

I still love white dresses so very much but just cant wear them for that one reason- it is impossible for real life people to wear them to their heart’s content, because it is impossible to maintain them in low budget families like mine :p

my second favorite colour blue, well that colour for some reason does not suits me. I just don’t look good in it 😦 I look best in green people say heh heh, I don’t have many green dresses though, next comes yellow and red, I just don’t wear red! as for yellow, the dye problem is there but right now I am wearing a few, lucky me the dyes are suiting!


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