170×170 day 136 13.9.15 love and friendship

170x170 day 136 13.9.15

If you truly want someone for the rest of your life then do love his good things but minutely judge every bad thing and think if you will be able to live with them for the rest of your life.

If you live under the illusion that you will be able to change him, mold him to your whim and fancy, well it does not happens that way, unless of course he too is interested, actually sincerely interested to change.

Chances are too high that your home will become a battleground if you try too hard. You may end up changing him but that is too big a risk to take, unless of course you are absolutely crazily in love.

In that case, if he does not changes sooner or later you will surrender and accept him the way he is, that is the magic of deep, pure love, it knows to surrender, that is why it is so happy and is so abused too! I will suggest pre-assessment though!



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