170×170 day 132 9.9.15 love and friendship

170x170 day 132 9.9.15

Your lover or friend may try to shield you from pain, humiliation by taking an extra step or doing something s/he should not, that often happens, it is the protective instinct going overboard I guess, but if the other way round happens, and if you see that your lover or friend is absolutely nonchalant about your pain or humiliation then do ascertain if your assumption is right, right about the relationship you think you share.

Actually I really can’t imagine myself being nonchalant about these things, when I was more naïve about manipulative nature of human beings I used to often ruin my relationships with people, that is cut them off just because they were not good to my family or friends. Even now, I try not to do fraternize people who are mean to my friends, in real life fortunately I don’t have any friend, but if miracle did happen and I make one I think I may end up acting like that again, treating his/her pain/insult as own.



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