Sunday Secrets 6.9.15

I quite believe in first impression, now I don’t go by looks or attire, by first impression I mean the first impression the person creates in my heart, but alas, just like dreams these too are not accurate in 100% cases but too many times to ignore.

I have often “felt” about a person that my relationship with him/her will or wont last and with time those “hunches” have turned out to be true, even though initially things were different, totally.

I remember a girl in Harisava, Ishita, when I joined Harisava she too joined there from Asansol, when I first saw that girl I had this feeling that one day we will become good friends, well for the first six months we had entirely different group of friends and boom all of a sudden, I don’t remember how we became really close friends, our friendship was so deep that our friends teased us a lot but then it was over too, she became fond of another friend, though their stint did not last but it did pushed us apart 🙂

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