170×170 day 125 2.9.15 love and friendship

170x170 day 125 2.9.15

Friendship is the most beautiful form of love I think, the prime reason is selfless and just like true love’s definitions lets go when it realizes it is no longer wanted.

Honestly I think friends are the only person who actually abide that law of “Let go” from heart, in any other form of love people just can’t break the relationship, parents, lovers, siblings- it is often really hard, almost impossible to let go, even if the other one is dying to get away!

Apart from that, the way our friends accept us just the way we are, very rare other people do most of the people either try to change us or fail to love US.

If we weigh all forms of love in the yardsticks created by lovers and poets we most probably will see that friendship is getting the highest score.

If we think and feel how selfless a true friend is, and how deep that person’s love for us is we will certainly vote for it.



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