170×170 day 123 31.8.15 love and friendship

170x170 day 123 31.8.15

We often think that romantic love is something essential, we can’t live a perfect happy life without it. I to was a believer of this theory, but now, I know that nothing is lost without it, it is a good spice for life but that is it, it is not essential item for happy life.

After all, we Indians never believed in romantic love much, we married to keep the family tree growing and after marrying we loved our spouse because that was our duty for each other, now for thousands of years we have lived like that merrily, can’t say all our ancestors lived a miserable life, can we?

If you have a heart full of love then it will happily survive without romantic love. Absolutely happily if you allow it to love, anyone, anything or everything!

After passing 46 years of life, being a staunch romantic, still love romantic movies I will sheepishly admit I don’t miss romantic love in my life, sorry, just don’t, can’t help it!



2 thoughts on “170×170 day 123 31.8.15 love and friendship

  1. I do understand what you mean. I also know,that this is 100% the fact. What matters the most in a relationship is care,concern & respect. Once you have these 3 elements you have love. And if you don’t have them,it isn’t love.

    Going on the knees to propose is a beautiful thing,but is it much better than a heart which cares about my wellbeing?? Ummm.. I guess not.

    Romantic love doesn’t guarantee happiness,pure love borne out of care,concern& respect does!!❤️❤️

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