170×170 day 110 18.8.15

170x170 day 110 18.8.15

They come every morning
Sweet incoherent chirping
Mostly reaches not ears
Subdued by noises
Of a busy days
They pass some time
Without being noticed
But once in a blue moon
Their chirping draws attention
And if they don’t bolt
A look too follows.

They visit almost religiously, sweet chirping is so soft that one fails to hear if too far away.

Sometimes they fail to notice human presence and sit down on the grills or venture further upon the mosquito-net tied to it to protect plants from marauding pigeons, when one notices the human menace flies away instantly, the mate calls out sweetly whistling, as if asking, “Where are you going? Come back!”

Then when s/he discovers the reason instantly follows the mate.

The human presence tied a small earthen bowl to the grill hoping they will use that as a nest instead of the mosquito net, which she handles every day for the sake of her plants.

Even though it will be better if they build nest elsewhere!



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