170×170 day 108 16.8.15

170x170 day 108 16.8.15

Sudden strike
From impish hand
The nest shatters
The fledgling hits ground
The monkey hops away
After committing the crime
Never even looks back.
Frantic parents screech
The little one returns
The fear of parents,
Patiently they coax him
To leave the ground
And join them in branches.

A group of monkeys made a hurricane tour in the neighbourhood, no one knows who was the culprit, the older ones or the little ones hopping around, swinging from branches to branches, but the damage was done, deliberately or accidentally.

The baby Myna discovered himself on ground, the panic stricken parents instantly joined him, the little one could barely hop, but the parents kept trying and trying.

The patient paid off, the little one soon landed on a branch and the next day they took him far away, on another tree.

The accident that might have harmed the little fledgling made him a better flyer at the end, now he follows parents around from one roof to other, like an expert flyer.



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