170×170 day 106 14.8.15

170x170 day 106 14.8.15

Petals of rose
Scattered in the water
Fishes swim
Pearly bodies glisten
Under full moon
Two arms seek one another
So many feelings
Brimming in two hearts
Dying to come to lips
But the traitor lips
Have forgotten speech
So fingers talk
What lips fail to do!

Now the fountain is dry, fishes have been captured by people long ago, there is no one to scatter rose petals for lover in the crystal water that time has stolen.

The fountain sometimes dreams of those days when lovers met near him in stealth.

The moonless nights when darkness gave them invisibility or nights when moon weaved dream with them from sky.

Their sweet murmurs echoed in his heart too, late at night sometimes leaves of the vines confuse him he looks around to realize no one has returned.

But, during days sometimes couple of doves sits down on his broken walls and murmur sweet nothings that is equally enchanting and so much more soothing!

Life takes one thing and gives another.



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