170×170 day 101 9.8.15

170x170 day 101 9.8.15

Love for music is another divine gift I was born with I think, I have always loved music, well, I think the credit goes to my ex family because my ex family had a horde of singers and avid listeners, those who could not sing loved to listen to music, quality music.

No matter how dark the surroundings are, music snaps me out of it, I always listen to music that make me happy, that can be the reason  I am not much into moping, whining, sobbing type of songs, so I think the happiness of others is also infectious and the happiness of the singers cheer me up.

Then there is the second side of songs, they teach us so much if we hear them carefully, about other people, other cultures and so many things. So much knowledge and wisdom passes through these lyrics across the globe wrapped in package of joy.

For centuries, a strong tributary of knowledge has flown through songs, you know it too methinks.



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