170×170 day 99 7.8.15

170x170 day 99 7.8.15

Love for animals, as a child I was quite a monster, sorry, there was no one to tell me things we should not do to living things, so I did things for which I still squirm! But with age I realized their beauty, a great part was played by Misha of course and a few pet birds I had.

Misha taught me that when you love animals you get honest return from them, they may not go crazy after you but they will never betray you.

My pet budgerigars taught me that they belonged to open skies not cages, after having them I decided to never have a pet bird again, I was really glad when they flew away, proving how intelligent birds are  they discovered the rusty nets of the cage before I did!

So, after leaving Burdwan when I realized I could not have a pet dog anymore I started to study ones around me without any intention of owning one, and that truly is never-ending joy!



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