170×170 day 96 4.8.15

170x170 day 96 4.8.15

Computer, let me tell you a thousand ways in which I love my computers!

I often dream of you in my sleep,
Pouring out my heart in your heart,
Where you keep every word safe and protected,
Sometimes you rectify me
Sometimes you create a nuisance,
But you never bore me,
I can never think of leaving you,
And when you are away from me
I miss you like fish misses water
Or bird misses sky!

I once read a joke about a burglary where a mother tells a thief to take her kids and spare her computer, ahem! She might have been me!

I think I fell in love with computer when I first touched one, even the DOS based computers were a world of magic to me, and they still are, always will be!

When I am away from computer, internet I feel withdrawal syndromes that is why I have to have a substitute computer at my disposal always, so that if one malfunctions I can use other.



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