Sunday Secrets 2.8.15

Even though I have used make-up quite a bit but only lipstick, lip gloss (my favorite) and nail polish. I never ever use Kohl in my eyes, for some reason I am not really easy with allowing strange objects inside my eyes. 🙂


Anyway I don’t think that too much make-up suited my personality so I always went for only lipstick and lip gloss and of-course the symbol of Indian women, bindi 🙂


I have never worn a heel either, for two reasons- I am too tall for Bengali women, yeah most Bengali women are shorter than my five feet five inches height so ….


The second reason whenever I tried to wear them, even the platform ones I could not walk, so I gave up the idea totally and wore only flat shoes.


These days I have to wear flip flops or other plastic/synthetic shoes because I am allergic to leather shoes- this is very inconvenient but reality so…


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6 thoughts on “Sunday Secrets 2.8.15

    • I loved all types of bindis, and specially the small black ones. they fit with dresses of all colours. Don’t wear them any more, these days my dressing up bit is centered around the salwar suits I wear 🙂

  1. Your writing simple and interesting. I have to wear eyeliner to hide some defect from childhood though I hated kohl, so no other make up for me. Even light color lipstick looks gaudy on me. OMG Sharmishtha! You are making me open up a bit. Thanks.

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