170×170 day 94 2.8.15

170x170 day 94 2.8.15

Durgapuja, well all my friends know how important my family durgapuja was to me, somehow it captured a huge part of my heart, even though it is a past but I still dream about it, no longer miss it, in place of that whenever I think of those moments I passed there a sense of deep happiness and purity fills up my heart and soul.

There was something in that place, or my heart that removed every barrier between God and me, whenever I sat there, facing the Goddess I felt like she was there, watching us, accepting our offerings to her.

I was not the only one that felt that way, quite a handful of my cousins too felt that same thing. I will so love to be a millionaire and start my own durgapuja some day and try to give it that touch of purest love and devotion. Well, it is one of my favorite wishes I can tell you that!

Who can say, right? Maybe in future…



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