wildflowers in bed of rocks poem 15

“An artist is nothing without a patron, it is a harsh truth that history has repeated too often, think of Van Gough and check out the writings of this humble author while you surf for your books please!”

Wildflowers in bed of rocks



A beautiful princess loved a prince

The prince wanted to see the world

Before surrendering his life to her

Away he went in sea, leaving her

She stood alone on the shore.


His majestic ship sailed away

Disappeared behind horizon

Every day she came to beach,

Waiting, her eyes seeking

One sight of her beloved’s ship.


That day never came

Her parents did not told

Her lover’s ship was capsized

In some distant shore,

She lost her lover, never even knew.


Maybe her soul did

For soon she too pined away

People say her sighs still sound

In the palace rooms,

Winds carry her mournful songs.



8.08.09, Garia, Kolkata



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