170×170 day 90 29.7.15

170x170 day 90 29.7.15

There was one teacher in particular I will always love in my school in Burdwan, Harisava Hindu Girl’s High School, heh heh, it was for Hindu girls only, I wonder if they still maintain that “Hindu” part!

Well, when I landed there from Delhi most of the girls treated me like royalty but some bullied me a bit, not much, I have faced bullying to the level of discomfort in only two schools, both were Delhi schools. These girls used to lick my brain by calling me “Lady” or “Lady of Delhi”, now, come on I was in my early teens, a softy, so it did bothered me, even though they meant no harm.

Well, that teacher, Archanadi Jr, first heard them teasing me and told me to call them “Sitabhog of Burdwan”, well that is a sweet dish that is Burdwan’s specialty, not only that, she told me if they make a fuss about it, inform her, she will box their ears.

She certainly was a messiah for me!



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