170×170 day 89 28.7.15

170x170 day 89 28.7.15

When I returned to my hometown in 1985 my mother admitted me in a Bengali medium school, absolutely bong school. I will never forget the patience of those teachers.

Now, in general Bengalis know English but they are fiercely loyal to Bengali, so if a Bengali can’t speak Bengali properly that is a big vice and often they are looked down upon.

So here I was who have studied up-to class nine in English and hindi medium standing in a class room, trying to understand everything in Bengali, and after that sharing it in Bengali.

Boy! I used to start in Bengali and in the middle I used to go to English, not only that I did the same in my answer papers too, pure Benglish writing, I am so very grateful that they did not failed me! In place of that they gave me lesser marks but understood my plight.

I sometimes wonder what if those teachers had been snooty like some teachers are, what would have happened then?



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