170×170 day 88 27.7.15

170x170 day 88 27.7.15

When I was living with my elder sister in Delhi I studied in three schools, the teachers of the first one were nightmares, the third one were tolerable, but one teacher in particular in my second school will always stay in my heart. She is one of the gems I have collected in my life’s path, precious gems!

I earned the ire of my class teacher by complaining against our monitors, as a punishment she made me the monitor, well, I was the new face in the class, and half of those girls were older than me, boy! The first few days were nightmare then in came a teacher, Ranjit madam, I don’t remember what subject she taught, very funny, but I remember her love.

She took me under her wings and told me that if anyone ever disobeys me I will just write down her name and hand it over to her when she comes for her class.

Within two months every teacher was praising our class’s disciplined behaviour.


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