wildflowers in bed of rocks poem 14

“An artist is nothing without a patron, it is a harsh truth that history has repeated too often, think of Van Gough and check out the writings of this humble author while you surf for your books please!”

Wildflowers in bed of rocks


Tall woods standing side by side

Sprawled beyond horizon

Walking alone there on my own

Mesmerized by its mystic beauty.


Silver rays of full moon

Adding more magic to it

Creating some scary illusions

And opening doors to dreams.


Would not have been surprised

To discover a fairy taking rest

Cherubs or elves startled suddenly

Hearing  human footsteps.


Well did not encountered any

Mystical being through the walk

But the fireflies and the moon

Showed me nature’s fireworks.



8.08.09, Garia, Kolkata





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