Sunday Secrets 19.7.15

I don’t trust Indian women, in past 15 years they have taught me again and again that when it comes to their “own good” too many women often can give devil a blush because after doing the vilest things they can walk around feigning to be innocent and pure, at the maximum victimized, forced to do the wrong thing.


The second thing that I have learned in last fifteen years about Indian women is a huge percentage of Indian women can do anything for money, and will do  everything to hide those things they do from public eyes. They certainly make easy money in every possible sense but don’t have the guts to accept the truth and will unleash hell on everyone that will sound/seem a threat to their secretive sinful money making tricks.


Yes, I know quite a huge percentage of Indian women are good, but the tragic part is “goodness” is not written on faces, and after being hounded, surrounded and persecuted by she-devils since 1994 or 1995 I presume (they most probably were weaving their net before that time, were present but not actively hostile) I am no longer interested in testing if some true hearted woman can show up in my life. These women entered my life without any invitation, provocation and spilled only poison in it for years to come! I do hope God finds out each and every single one of them and metes out the just, due punishment! I pray every day for that!


So if any man or woman says s/he has met me in flesh and is my friend  or is in regular touch with me (exclude my cyber friends, I have till date met only one of my cyber friends, that too in 2007 we met twice once when he was going off to Assam, second time on his way back to his place Auraiyya, that incidentally is near Etawah, a place where I have been as a child) run away from him/her as far as you can because s/he must be part of the toxic sisterhood of my life (check out the page honeytrap for their description). Same thing applies to anyone who calls himself a real life friend of mine, that is ones we meet face to face in real world not cyberworld, I have real friends in cyberworld but none of them have ever shown up in flesh (excluding one) in my real life. 🙂 So that person too will be a impostor, fraud and most probably an evil one too. Forget about anything closer than a friend, the only relation I have maintained since 2005 is with my brothers, tested too many people, tried to convince myself that I am being paranoid, the people around me are not evil but the toxic sisterhood had the final say, they and their puppets created an impenetrable wall around me that did not allowed anything good to pass through, other than God and nature.


So I guess you will forgive my allergy to Indian women, because when I look back I can see that every evil star (excluding one or two) in my life are women – had they not been so evil I might have been living in my own home, working in some small/big organization and living a happy, honest life.


Sorry to shatter your illusion if you compare every Indian woman with Sita ;p


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14 thoughts on “Sunday Secrets 19.7.15

  1. I agree – to an extent. But aren’t most women – and men – like this – Indian or otherwise? We all present a ‘face’ which we actually are not. That’s how it is. Yes, you – or I – might be PERFECT – but than, again, only we know that. And everyone else would look at it only as a ‘face’! 🙂

    • men are lot more trustworthy than women, I have mixed with only women, maybe that is why I think so but I really think so, being a small town girl I have grown up with girls, women so I know them through, I have mixed with men but only superficially outside my family circle, so I think I will accept what a man says, if you are a man, met too many women using male names on internet. But I will bet my penny on men as the better natured species.

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