170×170 day 77 16.7.15

77 16.7.15 sonnet penta quatrain 7 170x170


They say under every rainbow there is

a pot of gold waiting for the lucky ones.

They always cite examples of the ones

who brought that gold home though with not much ease.

For leprechauns or dragons guard that wealth

and tangling with them may not be that good

can actually be bad for one’s health.

The fierce dragon may roast alive

the leprechaun is not that much better.

Dreams of being prosperous or thrive

after a gruesome death won’t matter.

Wealth is waste if one is not alive

Maybe myths are best on dreamer’s platter.


Sonnets are fourteen-line poems, period. They exist in every line length, with every rhyme scheme imaginable, or with no rhyme scheme at all. The usual is either abcabc, ababab or, if the poet wants a summarizing last two lines, ababcc.

Rhyme scheme: Abbaabbacdcdcd it may follow iambic pentameter (10 syllables) rule.




To Rescue princess

Conquer kingdoms

Tasks seem so easy when we dream of them.


a pentastich, a complete poem in a 5 lines.

syllabic, with a progressive syllable count 1-2-3-4-10 per line.

sometimes written as a Double Tetractys (2 quintains), when doubled the syllabic pattern is reversed, 1-2-3-4-10-10-4-3-2-1.


Life is not all about dreams

big aspirations and schemes.

We have to know when to stop,

When to just walk and when to hop!


When we should stay on the ground

And gather our wits around

And when the opportune moment will come

We reach out for stars gather some.


Rules of a Quatrain:

Quatrains are formed by two rhyming couplets- abab, aabb, abba or abcb



With sense

Perfect recipe for



Rules of 7

1,2,3,1 words or syllables each line, a complete scene of any type should be created, or statement.





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