170×170 day 74 13.7.15

74 13.7.15 ballads 170x170


If you go by that deserted hut

Crumbling down to ground

Walls covered with green vine

A few bird nests inside you may found.


An honest man lived there once

With his wife and a little son

Happy was he in his little world

Content with whatever they could own.


Alas, happily ever after is for

Fairy tales and dreamers only,

If the deserted cottage could talk

Vow that will that abode lonely.


The man had a skill

That a monster needed for his dirty deeds,

But the man refused his offer,

Saying he already possesses what he needs.


The monster tried to buy him,

Scare him and then break him,

When he could not bend him

He simply destroyed him.


His wife and son soon followed him,

To the land of which we know nothing,

Maybe they have built a home in heaven

While here the monster became a king.



Rules of Ballad: I will request you to explore the rules of ballad yourself. I read quite a handful of them and thought that it’s quite a liberal style of poem with varying size of stanzas and other things. Go ahead and explore them. I have zeroed on two things- telling a story, using four line stanzas with rhyming 2nd+4th line.


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