Thursday Tickles 9.7.15

A wife was buying groceries in a shop when she noticed a hideous looking bird sitting on a table in the carpenter’s shop across the road.

she crossed the road and asked the man, “Why did you buy this hideous bird?”

the man laughed and said, “Just watch!” then he turned and said “Goony bird chair!”

The bird attacked a chair in frenzy of beaks and feather and in a minute or two it was shattered to pieces.

after a few displays the woman bought the bird and returned home.

her husband was sitting on the couch guzzling beer, “Where have you been?”  he growled.

“I went to shop! Bought this bird! It is called goony bird!” she smiled sweetly.

“Goony bird my foot!” the husband growled…..


BTW remember one thing as you read these posts, none of these jokes are written by me, they are all picked up from here or there, cant write a joke, maybe someday I will! then in that special case/cases I will mention!


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