170×170 day 57 26.6.15

57 26.6.15 170x170


Compassion is the most beautiful expression of human heart I believe, it sort of works as a replacement of love for people like me, who has seen too much human evil to be able to love easily, I still love a lot of things but unfortunately not human beings, but with time I have created a truce with these evil serpents that have changed my opinion about human beings, “There is good in every human being” to “There are people whose evil chokes whatever good they have inside.”


Even though I will pull their venom fangs out if they ever dare to touch my skin but I feel compassion for them now, a deep pity about how much they have lowered themselves, kill their consciences for a handful of money or luxury! No matter what I will never ever like to be one of them, and because of them I thank God for saving me from becoming them. Compassion in some ways is stronger than love because it seeks nothing.



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